Rockford Bankruptcy

You may not look forward to a meeting with your attorney if you are experiencing financial troubles and need bankruptcy advice. I will do my best alleviate your immediate concerns and make the visit as pleasurable as possible. This, along with my unique experience is what sets mw apart from other law firms. I focus on one area of the law: bankruptcy. I do not split my time and energy trying to be the attorney equivalent of a jack of all trades. Bankruptcy is a specific and complicated area of law. You need an experienced attorney, not just any attorney that feels like doing a bankruptcy this week. During my bankruptcy practice since 1992 I have seen many firms and attorneys, both local and out of town, come and go out of practicing bankruptcy law in Winnebago County. As a lifelong resident of Rockford, I am here to stay. I have dedicated the last two plus decades to the study and practice of bankruptcy law in Rockford and the surrounding counties. This local dedication along with unique experience of representing thousands of debtors, creditors and trustees makes me ideally suited to assist you with your bankruptcy needs. You will get honest answers and guidance so that you can determine if bankruptcy is a viable and good option in your specific situation.


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