Citi Bank Fined $5,000,000.00

In some bankruptcy cases creditors are allowed to file a claim asking the court to allow them to receive a distribution from the bankruptcy. In order to do so, the creditor needs to fill out an official form and submit supporting documentation. Given the number of claims filed, not all claims are closely reviewed. Citibank used a process known as robo-signing where a computer filled out and signed the form. The Department of Justice conducted an investigation and concluded this procedure violated the bankruptcy rules.

U.S. Department of Education to forgive some Student Loans

78,000 students have loans for attending colleges owned by Carinthian Colleges. Carinthian is a for profit company that operated a number of trade schools (Heald College, Everest and Wyo-Tech) and has now gone into bankruptcy. The U.S. Department of Education is planning to forgive some of the debts currently owed for student loans related to these colleges. At this point there is no indication that this action will be extended to any additional schools but perhaps it is at least a step in the right direction.

Students loans - will they become dischargeable?

Possible relief for students may be on the horizon.

So what is the deal with past due utility bills?

With the cold winters and hot summers we have here in northern Illinois, topped with some fairly high utility rates, it is no wonder that our utility bills are high. It is easy to fall behind, and while we can try to lower our consumption, living without gas and heat in this climate is not a feasible option. It is quite common for my clients to owe past due gas and electric bills. So what, if anything, can be done about them in a bankruptcy?

$16,650,000,000.00 fine for Bank of America

It should come to no surprise that I am not a fan of large banks. I find their credit card policies and their mortgage dealings to be less than open, honest, and fair. This opinion comes from over two decades of dealing with them, watching their political influence, their profits, and how they treat customers especially during their “loan modification” programs.

What is a "Short Sale"?

What is a “short sale” and will it help me?

This is a question I get asked a lot. Let me explain what a short sale is, and then we can discuss if it could be an option for you. So, that is a short sale in a nut shell. Is it right for you? I don't know. There are other advantages and some consequences of a short sale beyond the scope of this blog. Each situation is unique and must be looked at individually, but let's look at the basic concept.

Chapter 7 v. Chapter 13

What is the difference between Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 – General Overview.

While the U. S. Bankruptcy Code has several chapters (types) of bankruptcies, there are generally only two types that are applicable to most people.

Bankruptcy Court raises fees.

The clerks office for the Northern District of Illinois has announced that the fees the court charges to file a bankruptcy will increase. Effective June 1, 2014, the fee for filing a Chapter 7 will increase from $306.00 to $335.00. As you can see from our website, we include the filing fees in the price we quote. Most firms do not, and quote a lower fee to entice you with an artificial lower price. I have decided to keep my pricing the same and pay the additional fee out of our fees. I hope this will help.


Welcome to our new blog. We will be covering a number of topics that I hope will be helpful to you. Over the past two decades I have seen almost everything, or so I thought. Bankruptcy is an evolving area of law. More exciting is human life itself. I am always amazed at how life throws curve balls at people. But then again, that is why we have these laws.