Fees Free initial consultation.

Chapter 7

For a Chapter 7 I charge $700.00 in most cases. Some cases with special circumstances may require a higher fees. In addition there is a filing fee payable to the court which is $335.00. I do not charge any additional fees for a joint case which many firms do.

Chapter 13

In this District the Court has mandated the use of a model plan and a model attorney client contract. The fee approved by the Court is $4,000.00. In addition the Court charges a filing fee of $310.00.

In most Chapter 13 cases, I require no money up front (other than the Court filing fees) and my fees are paid through your reorganization over several years.

In addition to attorney fees and filing fees, each client is required to complete a pre-bankruptcy counseling interview through an independent debt counseling service, as well as a post bankruptcy debtor education class before the bankruptcy can be discharged. The fees for these consultations/classes can vary, so it is wise to comparison shop and we are happy to give you a list.

When comparing prices it is important to know what is actually included in a firm's "low price." Many firms make you pay additional amounts for things that should be part of a standard bankruptcy, such as the paperwork to keep your house, or your car (if desired) and some even charge more if you are married.

It is also important to know if the firm is local or not and how long they have focused on bankruptcy and how many cases they have actually handled. We have seen other attorneys rush into a specialty area of law during a down economy to temporarily practice bankruptcy law. An attorney with 20 years of experience in other areas of law may not be your best choice for a technical area like bankruptcy law. We do bankruptcy law... that is all we do. After two decades and thousands of cases we pride ourselves on being client centered, efficient and effective.