What to Expect

Bankruptcy Process

Initial call

Your call will be answered by a person, not a phone menu. An appointment will be scheduled. Directions will be given if needed, questions about fees will be answered, and you will be informed what documents you will need to bring to the appointment.

First meeting

You will be greeted and asked to fill out some basic information. Your information will not be shared and you will not be subjected to a marketing blitz. We feel you have enough pressure on you and you know where to find us. We will respect your privacy and will not hound or pressure you in any way.

You will meet with an attorney, not a paralegal or worse yet support staff. You will be asked a number of simple questions in order for the attorney to fully understand your unique situation. You will be given options and your questions will be answered.

Your appointment will not be limited to 15 minutes, nor will you be charged if your appointment goes beyond 15 minutes. Our goal is to get enough information to answer all of your questions. It is not possible to put an arbitrary time limit on this process as so many other attorneys do. By the end of your appointment you should know and understand your options and you will not be pressured for any immediate decisions.

Choosing to file a bankruptcy

If you choose to file bankruptcy you will proceed with an attorney. Many firms give you a huge package of forms and send you off on your own to assemble the information. We feel this is our job. You will sit face to face with an attorney, not by yourself and not with support staff. The attorney will fill out the information and answer questions. You will be given a list of items that will need to be provided and information on where to obtain the mandatory credit consultation. Once you provide the required information, the official forms will be prepared. You are not required to pay anything to begin this process.

Appointment to sign

Once all of the official forms are completed, we will schedule an appointment to sign your papers. Again, you will meet with an attorney. The papers will be reviewed with you, explained to you, questions answered and finally the papers will be signed. It is at this point when all attorney fees and court fees must be paid in full. We will not file your case until all fees are paid. The reason we can provide superior service at lower prices is that we do not spend time collecting our fees. Many firms will allow you to pay your fees after you file, however, they charge up to triple our fees to compensate for the time they must take in collecting the fees. We have chosen to lower our costs and to pass that savings on to you. After all, if you had extra money, you would not be meeting with us.

Post filing

After you file, the court will send notice to all of your creditors informing them that you filed and telling them they may not contact you trying to collect debts. We will send you a letter outlining the remainder of the process.

You will receive a notice generally about 10 days after you file. The notice will come from the court. The notice will tell you the date and time of a mandatory meeting. One of our attorneys will be with you and will review the questions that will be asked before the meeting. You will not be alone. The attorney will also be there after the meeting to answer any questions.

After the meeting

After the meeting (or before) you will need to attend the mandatory credit education. You will be given instructions on how to get this done. Your case will then stay open for approximately 90 days in order to allow certain time limits to run. Finally, you will be issued a discharge, which is the court order eliminating most of your debts.